“Our vision is to build the world’s largest social shopping and courier network.”
Pijjit™ [pijj.it] – verb: Pijjit is the act of using, or becoming, a social courier to shop or carry things for each other.
The Pijjit App enables people to shop or carry things for each other. It brings the common practice of asking someone to shop or carry something for you into the age of social media. In an increasingly interconnected world where 3 billion people travel by air alone, the Pijjit App provides a social platform bringing together the international traveler (or the local commuter), the savvy shopper, and the person that needs to send something to a loved one.
  • Shopping just became social..!
    Through Pijjit we’ve put a world of speciality, or just plain inaccessible, vendors and goods at your fingertips. There’s no reason to be deprived of that special chocolate because it is sold only in the Swiss Alps, or having to wait for the gadget being released somewhere else first. Now you can get access to anything, anywhere through a social courier.
  • Shipping just became affordable..!
    We’ve built Pijjit to free you from expensive and inflexible couriers or asking favours of friends and family when you want to send something to someone. Now you can Just Pijjit through a friendly social courier.
  • Space just became profitable..!
    Whether you are travelling across the globe, taking a domestic trip, or commuting around town, Pijjit provides an easy way to make money by helping people shop for what they want, or just by sharing available space, and becoming a social courier. Through these experiences our users build real connections with real people from all over the globe.
The Pijjit App provides the means to list your shopping or shipping needs, travel plans, and available space. It connects you through an in-app messaging system and enables you to transact over a secure booking engine. Verified social profiles, transparent reviews, and earned reputations come together to build a community that makes social shopping and shipping a reality for anyone, anytime, anywhere.
So whether you want something bought, brought, or sent, you can now Just Pijjit™.
Pijjit is based in San Francisco and is born out of the lived experiences of world travellers who felt a need for a real way to help people get anything, anywhere – socially!

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